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What is the Community Action Network?

The Community Action Network (CAN) unites the people who shop in our stores and individuals who want to help Walmart as we work to make a difference on the issues that impact the communities we serve. Our CAN website provides all the resources you need to learn more about these issues, share your thoughts on the issues with Congress, and connect with other CAN advocates in your community.

Why does Walmart have an advocacy program?

Walmart strongly believes that we work best when we listen to our consumers, and stand alongside them to achieve positive change. Walmart CAN provides a forum for Walmart shoppers to share ideas, learn about legislative issues, and take action by communicating with Congress. By joining Walmart CAN, you are adding your voice to the voices of community advocates across America. And by coordinating our voices and our action, we can have a more powerful collective impact on the issues that impact our communities.

What issues is CAN currently involved with?

CAN supports causes that matter to our associates, our customers, and the communities we serve. These issues range from health care reform to environmental sustainability. To learn about the latest issues important to CAN, visit the Issues page of our website. To find out about opportunities to take action on current issues, please visit our Community Action Center.

Why should I join Walmart CAN?

When it comes to making important political decisions, our nation’s elected officials need and want input from people like you. Walmart has developed the Community Action Network to help you easily find information on the issues that impact you and your community, and to communicate with your legislators and other CAN members about those issues. Joining Walmart CAN gives you access to the resources you need to help make a difference.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved is easy, and there are lots of things you can do to help:

» Sign up to receive email updates and legislative alerts.

» Share your story about why Walmart CAN is important to you.

» Learn more about the issues that impact you.

Why am I being asked to provide my contact information?

Walmart CAN uses your contact information to send periodic email updates and legislative alerts when there’s important news to share. We also use your contact information to ensure that emails you send to Congress through our advocacy tool are delivered to the appropriate legislators. We won’t use your information in any way that violates the terms of our privacy policy.

What if Walmart is not yet in my community? Can I still get involved?

Absolutely! CAN is working on issues that impact all consumers—not just Walmart shoppers, associates, or neighborhoods—and we welcome support from everyone who shares our goals and ideals. You can learn more about the issues we’re following here, and you can sign up for regular CAN email updates and legislative alerts here.

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