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Economic Opportunity
As more Americans are faced with economic challenges and as shoppers become increasingly focused on the price of everything they buy, Walmart will continue to work even harder, helping customers and their families save money while providing our associates with opportunities to build skills, advance their careers, and make a difference in their communities.

Health and Wellness
Year after year, health care costs continue to rise, leaving more and more Americans to make tough decisions about their health. Walmart is working with consumers, businesses and governments to find health care solutions that improve access, quality and affordability.

At Walmart, we believe in a philosophy of operating globally and giving back locally. From increasing local tax revenues and lowering overall pricing on goods, to boosting customer traffic at surrounding stores and creating new jobs, Walmart takes every opportunity to be a good neighbor. As a retailer, employer, and business leader, we know we can make the greatest impact by making changes right in the neighborhoods where we work and live.

At Walmart, we see environmental sustainability as one of the most important opportunities for both the future of our business and the future of our world. Our opportunity to become a better company begins by looking at every facet of our business—from the products we offer to the energy we use—through the lens of sustainability.

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