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Walmart Moms* are kind of a big deal. As it turns out, they represent at least 15% of the population. They also tend to be swing voters, which means it’s not easy to predict what they’ll do on Election Day. With those kinds of numbers and that much potential to go either way, they’ll play a huge role in the 2010 elections.

In mid-September, research firms Public Opinion Strategies and Momentum Analysis assembled three groups of Walmart Moms — one in Pennsylvania, one in Missouri and one in Colorado — to find out how these women are feeling about their country, their families and their government.

Here’s what they found:

» Walmart Moms are squeezed economically. Many of them have jobs and raise kids, and are struggling to make ends meet.

» Walmart Moms are focused on how they can continue providing well for their families.

» Walmart Moms more convinced than ever that compromise, rather than partisanship, is how our nation’s leaders will lead us out of the recession. They’re more interested in good ideas and teamwork than they are in whether a politician’s title ends with an (R) or a (D).

The big takeaway? When Walmart Moms go to the voting booth this fall, it’s not hot-button issues or political pundits they’ll have on their minds. They’ll be thinking of what’s best for their families.

* Walmart Moms are women who have children under the age of 18, and who have shopped at Walmart at least once in the past month.

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Walmart Moms: Up for Grabs

The 2008 election introduced the term “Walmart Mom.” Identified as a key swing demographic, Walmart Moms have the numbers and potential to shape an election’s outcome.

This mid-term election season, research firms Public Opinion Strategies and Momentum Analysis conducted a bipartisan survey designed to revisit the Walmart Mom and find out how she’s faring economically as the recession continues, how that is impacting her political behaviors and — more importantly — why she still matters.

» Read an Analysis of the Survey’s Findings
» Download survey responses by question

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